Caliber Home Loans took the mortgage relief world by storm when they stopped accepting and reviewing Short Sale Applications however a Caliber Home Loans FHA Short Sale is still an option. All loans being serviced by Caliber are not eligible to be reviewed for a short sale except for FHA Loans. If you have an FHA loan being serviced by Caliber Home Loans and would like to be reviewed for a Short Sale that is still an option. In Late 2017 Caliber announced that they are no longer “entertaining” Short Sale Applications  on any investor loans, at that time it may not have been clear if FHA loans would or would not be in that pool but it turns out they were not.

Who is Caliber Home Loans ?

In 2013, Caliber Funding and Vericrest Financial, merged to form Caliber Home Loans. The company is owned together by Lone Star V and Lone Star Fund VI, which are affiliates of private equity firm Lone Star Funds and In July 2016, Caliber Home Loans acquired First Priority Financial, to expand its mortgage licensing to all 50 states.

What is a Caliber Home Loans FHA Short Sale ?

This question can be answered in two parts with What is a Short Sale ? And What is an FHA Loan ?

What is a Short Sale ?

  • A Short Sale is a sale of real-estate when the proceeds of the sale do not cover the full amount of the debt owed on the property, the lien holders agree to accept less of the amount owed on the debt and release their lien on the real-estate.

What is an FHA Loan ?

  • An FHA loan is an “FHA insured loan” these are US Federal Housing Administration mortgage insurance backed mortgage loans which are provided by an FHA-approved lender.

A Caliber Home Loans FHA Short Sale is a Short Sale on an FHA Insured Loan and these types of Short sales require special approval from HUD and must meet certain requirements to be approved. Like any Short Sale they can be very difficult to complete so its important to obtain help from a professional that will not be charging you up front for any assistance.

For assistance or questions about FHA Short Sales, Caliber Home Loans, Caliber Home Loans FHA Short Sale, Select Portfolio Foreclosure Help, SPS Short Sale Help, HUD and any other Mortgage Assistance Relief programs please contact us at 888-572-8020 or 888-558-5856 and or fill out the form below.


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