Financially distressed California homeowners who can no longer afford their homes may be eligible for financial assistance through part of the Transition Assistance Program (TAP).

    If you have financially distressed California clients and or if you are a California Homeowner pursuing a short sale or a deed in lieu of foreclosure, because you can no longer afford the property the TAP program could provide financial help with relocation to alternative housing.The funds that come from the TAP Program  are part of the Keep Your Home California Program. California is granting up to $5,000 in transition assistance to those qualified homeowners who can no longer afford to stay in their homes. 

 Distressed homeowners must:

  1. Apply for the funds through the state’s website or by calling 1(888)954-5337


  1. Do your best to Maintain the property until it is sold through a short sale or reverted to the lender through a negotiated deed in lieu of foreclosure.

 TAP funds may be used in addition to any other Relocation assistance that the homeowner may receive from the proceeds of the sale if participating in the Federal Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) program.

    To learn more about the Transition Assistance Program’s guidelines, and or how your financially distressed clients may qualify visit  You can  call 1(424)279-3225.


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