Freddie Mac Short Sales can be a Challenge as it is, Freddie Mac has been known to counter Short Sale buyers above the Market Value of subject Property at times as well. So what do you do if Freddie Mac Has a Inflated Value? Or Counters Short Sale Buyer above Value ? After years of Processing  Freddie Mac Short Sale Transactions this has been a  re-occurring challenge with this investor that can SOMETIMES be very easy to over come. I emphasize sometimes because with every transaction there are different determining factors that must be taken into consideration.

Great questions to Ask servicer to try and determine those factors are:

  • How delinquent is the Account?
  • Is the file in Foreclosure?
  • Can the servicer provide a Copy of the Value( More Investors and Mortgage Servicers now are open to releasing these values)?
  • What Comps were used to obtain this Value?
  • Is Investor Aware this is a Finance Offer (If Applicable) ?
  • Is Freddie Mac Countering above their value amount? If so Why ?

To over come this challenge you can dispute the Freddie Mac value with by completing the Freddie Mac Value dispute form. When disputing a Value with any investor, but specifically Freddie Mac, the Quality of the Supporting documents will determine the outcome of the dispute.

Freddie Mac request comparables and a few color photos; however, to present this at its most persuasive and effective manner a party should submit a full dispute package containing:

  • Three sold comparables
  • Three active comparables
  • Contractor repair estimates with supporting photos of damage
  • A CMA or BPO supporting the original offer
  • A demand letter outlining the most persuasive supporting arguments

Its Important to Understand the worst case scenario should be countering back at the Freddie Mac Appraised Value, a Buyer should not have to pay more than the Appraised Value for the Home being Short Sold. If Processed correctly the Freddie Mac Value can be Adjusted/Lowered.

The Process of disputing a Value with Freddie Mac can also be difficult as the majority of representatives at the servicer and the investor are not always the most knowledgeable in Short Sales ,it’s important to be able to navigate the mortgage servicers and the Investors system efficiently or the runaround can make your review last ages.

If you are not 100% sure if Freddie Mac is the investor of your mortgage you can confirm here :

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