Keep your Home California Closed , the big California organization stopped accepting applications on June 29th 2018. Any applications not in and “Complete” by the deadline will not be considered however assistance is still available and programs to prevent foreclosure are still available for California homeowners/borrowers.

Who is Keep Your Home California ? Why Has Keep Your Home California Closed ?

Keep Your Home California is a California Organization that was given funds by the Hardest hit funds provided to the state of California. Keep your Home California programs assist low to moderate-income borrowers in keeping their homes or getting funds to relocate.

Keep your home California closed and is no longer accepting applications because all funds available have been used up.

How do I get Assistance with Keep Your Home California Closed ? What are my Options ?

We anticipate that more homeowners and sellers will need to sell in order to avoid foreclosure now that Keep Your Home California program closed. Qualifying for mortgage assistance with a servicer can be extremely difficult and keep your home California made modifications possible for a lot of borrowers that would not have normally qualified without the paying down of a portion or entire past due balance.

Foreclosure prevention programs do exist outside of Keep your home California programs and help is still available even though Keep your home California closed. Most mortgage servicers offer “inhouse” retention options through Loan Modifications, Re-payment plans, and or forbearance plan.

  • Loan Modification: A loan modification is the restructuring of existing loan terms, a Loan modification is not the creation of a new loan , it is the same loan but with new terms. Most mortgage servicers will require the proposed payment to not be more than 31% of the borrowers monthly gross income.
  • Re-payment and or Forbearance Plan : This is an agreement to pay back the amounts owed at a later date ( normally not pushed out more than 6 months ). Re-payment plans are more common with loans that are not “extremely” delinquent because this plans require the borrower to pay the regular mortgage payment on top of the Re-payment plan payment that is calculated by spreading the past due balance out over 6 payments. If your mortgage payment is $2100 and the past due balance is $31,500 the total payment in the 6 month plan would be $7,350 ( $2100 for regular mortgage payment and $5,250 to pay the past due balance back in 6 months ).

How Could I Avoid Foreclosure and get Foreclosure Help Now That Keep Your Home California Closed ?

Now that Keep Your Home California Closed if you need help or have questions With the right help you can still keep your home without Keep your Home California.You can do the following to receive assistance

  • Apply for Mortgage Assistance thru Assistance
  • call us for a free consultation at (888) 558-5856 , We Assist Borrowers and Real Estate Professionals.
  • Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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