Keep Your Home California Program closed officially, as of June 29 2018 no more applications will be accepted however Keep Your Home California Program and its employees will remain in business until all application submitted by the due date have been processed. Keep Your Home California programs Closed and the due date to get your application in is June 29th 2018.

Who is Keep Your Home California ?

Keep Your Home California programs assist low to moderate-income borrowers in keeping their homes or getting funds to relocate. Keep your Home California was made possible by all of the Hardest hit Funds that were provided to the State of California to prevent foreclosures and assist homeowners/borrowers.

Keep Your Home California program closed but when still around they offered a few programs to homeowners depending on many qualifications which could offer support or resolutions of delinquent mortgage and distressed asset challenges.

Why Has The Keep Your Home California Program Closed ?

An official Statement from Keep Your Home California Program states that all funds provided by the hardest hit funds have been accounted for and that after 06/29/18 they cannot accept anymore application.

See below for official statement from Keep Your Home California Program on their site

Keep Your Home California Program

Keep Your Home California Program Closed


We anticipate that more borrowers and homeowners will need to sell now that Keep Your Home California has closed because qualifying for a Modification with a mortgage servicer can be even harder, but not impossible. Most mortgage Servicers offer in house modification programs that mirror the terms of the now extinct HAMP program that offered a loan term extension ( typically to 30 years ) , a reduction in interest rate ( typically to 2% ) , and principal forgiveness and deferrals when loan investor would allow it, so although Keep your home California programs closed and HAMP is no longer around with the right help its very possible to save your home and make your payment more affordable.

How Could I Avoid Foreclosure and get Foreclosure Help Now That Keep Your Home California Program Closed ?

Now that Keep Your Home California Closed if you need help or have questions With the right help you can still keep your home without Keep your Home California.You can do the following to receive assistance

  • Apply for Mortgage Assistance thru Assistance
  • call us for a free consultation at (888) 558-5856 , We Assist Borrowers and Real Estate Professionals.
  • Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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