Novad management consulting is the newest loan servicing contractor for home equity conversion mortgages (HECM ) also known as a reverse mortgage  , as well as other single-family federal housing Administration (FHA) loans.

About Novad Management consulting

On September 29, Novad Management consulting became responsible for servicing FHA single-family secretary-held assets, including assigned HECMs(also known as a Reverse Mortgage ), HECM subordinate mortgages, secretary-held Title II mortgages and partial claim subordinate mortgages.

Novad management consulting replaced the last servicing contractor Deval LLC. Home equity conversion mortgages (HECM also known as a Reverse Mortgage ) are serviced directly by Novad management consulting.

Novad management consulting also specializes in

  • Project Management
  • Financial and Compliance Audits
  • Program Financial Advisory Services
  • Organizational Development and Business Process Re-engineering
  • Property/Portfolio Management
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  • Training / Leadership Development / Coaching


Novad Reverse Mortgage Short Sale

If you are in a reverse mortgage short sale position it is imperative that you contact Novad management consulting to initiate a novad reverse mortgage short sale. Processing a short sale reverse mortgage can be difficult as some of representatives there are not privy to short sales ,it’s important to be able to navigate the mortgage servicers system efficiently or the runaround can make your review last ages.


Basics for Processing a Novad management consulting Reverse Mortgage Short Sale

First list the property for sale with a trusted Realtor who will get an offer on the home as quickly as possible. Once an offer is obtained and accepted by the seller of the property it’s important that documents are submitted ASAP to get the ball rolling. Once the Offer is received by Novad management consulting you must get Novad to order a property value as quickly as possible. In a Novad Reverse Mortageg Short Sale Novad will order the value once the proper documents are received. Once a value returns they will only accept an offer at the value amount, in a Novad Reverse Mortagage Short Sale Nopvad will order an Appraisal from a HUD approved vendor. Since Novad will not go any lower than their value for this type of loan(Home Equity Conversion Mortgages [HECM also known as a Reverse Mortgage ]) if there is any significant property damage then you can try and complete a value dispute with Novad management consulting. In some cases it’s possible to successfully complete a value dispute that results in a lowered value even without significant property damage.  The Process of disputing a Value with Novad can also be difficult you can read Novad reverse mortgage short sale for additional information on a Novad management consulting short sale reverse mortgage.

If you have questions about an underwater mortgage, loan modification, foreclosures ,short sales , Reverse Mortgage Short Sale please call us at 888-572-8020.


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