An Ocwen Short Sale Package is a key document needed to complete an Ocwen Short Sale , when Ocwen referred to the Ocwen Short Sale package they could be referring to the Ocwen RMA also know as the Ocwen request for Mortgage assistance or the entire package of documents needed for Ocwen to have a complete file and make a decision on the Ocwen Short Sale.

Basic Ocwen Short Sale Package

  • Ocwen RMA
  • Last 30 day paystubs.
  • Last 2 Months Bank Statements
  • Last 2 years Tax returns.
  • Hardship Letter
  • 4506T Form
  • Listing Agreement
  • MLS Sheet
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Short Sale Addendum
  • Buyers Proof of Funds for 100% of purchase price
  • Settlement statement showing the net to Ocwen

Although the property value is not an item that you as a borrower, agent, or 3rd party processor are responsible for obtaining the property value is still needed for Ocwen to have a complete Short Sale package.Like many servicers Ocwen will need a complete package on file and a property value before they can make a decision on the Short Sale.

Without the property value Ocwen is unable to confirm the homes worth and confirm how much of a loss they can take/what offer amount they can approve. Typically Ocwen is able to approve a Short Sale offer that is as low as 85% of the value but it really depends on the investor of the loan as Ocwen services loans for many different investors.

When completing an Ocwen Short Sale its important to keep the Ocwen Short Sale package up to date at all times.

Ocwen Short Sale Package that needs to be updated throughout the review

The following documents should be submitted to Ocwen every time that new ones become available.

  • Last 30 day paystubs.
  • Last 2 Months Bank Statements
  • Buyers Proof of Funds for 100% of purchase price

The last thing that you want to happen to you in a Ocwen Short Sale is for Ocwen to come back and ask for updated documents after they have confirmed a complete package and have been reviewing for a decision. In most cases when updated documents are requested Ocwen would have been ready to decide on the short sale but the need for updated documents held Ocwen up from doing so.

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