Select Portfolio Servicing Foreclosure Help can be tough to obtain and when not navigating the Select Portfolio Servicing Systems correctly an SPS Short Sale can be much more difficult than it needs to be and obtaining assistance in time to avoid foreclosure impossible.

Who is Select Portfolio Servicing ? What does SPS Stand for ?

SPS which stands for Select Portfolio Servicing is one of the biggest servicers in that Nation that handles short sales and is servicing underwater mortgages. There are other servicers who at this time no longer entertain Short Sale request and some that are trying to get our of the mortgage servicing industry all together.

How Could I Get Select Portfolio Servicing Foreclosure Help ?

  • call us for a free consultation at (888) 558-5856 , We Assist Borrowers and Real Estate Professionals.
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Why Should you obtain Select Portfolio Servicing Foreclosure Help ?

Besides avoiding a Foreclosure that will ruin your credit obtaining Select Portfolio Servicing Foreclosure Help a borrower obtain funds to assist in relocation, funds up to $10,000 if qualified or obtain a reduction in the mortgage payment through a Loan Modification that will bring the loan current and allow it to get back on track if the borrower qualifies. Some people roll over and throw in the towel and just let the bank take the property however in doing so they are missing our on potential funds available to them or reductions in the Mortgage payment that they could qualify for.

Things to look out for with Select Portfolio Servicing when obtaining Select Portfolio Servicing Foreclosure Help ?

SPS has a special escalations team for Short Sales that isn’t known to many. When utilizing the assistance of this department along with the help of a professional SPS Short Sales can be a smooth and stress free process. Unfortunetly this department doesnt handle Loan Modification escalations and so when dealing with a Loan Modification the borrower or professional handling the Loan Modification is stuck dealing with the floor levels.

When unaware of the servicers inner workings, systems, and procedures any type of work out review to avoid foreclosure can take far too long to receive assistance before its too late and the property is foreclosed. Its important to speak to different professionals and obtain feedback from different sources or hire a professional in order to get the best and most effective results in any type of assistance being pursued. These types of reviews can make you feel like a pinball being bounced around through the system. Don’t let that be you.

What Programs Does SPS/Select Portfolio Offer to Avoid foreclosure ?

  • Select Portfolio Loan Modification : A loan modification is the process of working with your lender to modify the terms of your loan. When obtaining foreclosure assistance through a loan modification you are restructuring the terms of your current loan. You are not creating a new loan. Through a loan Modification you can cut the rate and years of your loan down as well as in some cases defer some of the principal or have an amount of it forgiven. Depending on how far behind you are on your payment you may also be considered for a repayment plan without restructuring the terms of the loan and providing any financial documents as long as the repayment plan is not longer than 6 months.
  • Select Portfolio Deed In Lieu : When obtaining Help through a Deed in Lieu Select Portfolio will forgive the debt and waive the deficiency in exchange for transferring the deed to the property back to Select Portfolio. This is only available when there is only 1 Mortgage lien on the property. A Deed in Lieu in most cases is not available when there are additional liens on the property , not just additional mortgage liens but any other type of liens because you cannot give the property back to multiple lien holders. If allowed in these situations Select Portfolio would offer a settlement to the other lien holders and the Deed in Lieu would only be possible if the other lien holders accepted the settlement.

How Can I Obtain Select Portfolio Servicing Foreclosure Help From a Professional That Will Not Take Advantage Of Our Difficult Situation ?

For assistance or questions about Select Portfolio Servicing, Select Portfolio Loan Modifications, Select Portfolio Short Sales, Select Portfolio Foreclosure Help, SPS Short Sale Help, HUD and any other Mortgage Assistance Relief programs please contact us at 888-572-8020 and or fill out the form below.



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