Its important to obtain Select Portfolio Short Sale help in cases where the property value doesn’t come in line with the offer , when the parties involved dont agree with the value, and even when there is no offer yet but the value obtained will make it extremely difficult to generate an offer that will be within 90% to 95% of that value.

Who is Select Portfolio ?

SPS , short for Select Portfolio Servicing is an up an coming servicer who recently has acquired a large number of loans transferred from all kinds of different servicers like Bank of America, Bayview Loan Servicing, Chase , and many others. SPS was founded in 1989 at that time know as Fairbanks Capital Corp. , eventually adopting the name Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. in June 2004 after having to pay $40 million to settle with the FTC and HUD and catching a bad rep in the public eye.

Select Portfolio Short Sale Help – Value Disputes

Value disputes are common in short sales, value disputes are not always easy to complete so its important to seek Select Portfolio Short Sale help when you make it to this stage of the Short Sale review if you make it here or if a value dispute is required. With value disputes Select Portfolio Short Sale help is important because Select Portfolio will not always consider all the supporting documents provided or agree with the information provided so its very important to do it correctly or seek Select Portfolio Short Sale help.

What is a Value dispute ?

In Short Sales the mortgage servicer acting on behalf of the investor will order a property value to confirm the homes value. The types of Values completed are Desktop values , Broker Price Opinions ( BPO ) , or appraisals ( Either Interior or Exterior ) and sometimes these values do not return in favor of the offer or come back accurate. A value dispute is the process of challanging the value in hopes of getting it adjusted ( in most cases lowered ) by providing evidence/documents to support a lower value for the property.

Select Portfolio Short Sale Help – What docs should be obtained for a Value dispute ?


  • Three sold comparables
  • Three active comparables
  • Contractor repair estimates with supporting photos of damage ( The Photos are very important, Select Portfolio will only use repairs that can be visualy verified through photos )
  • A CMA or BPO supporting the original offer
  • A demand letter outlining the most persuasive supporting arguments


For Instructions on how to submit a Value dispute request, for assistance in submitting a value dispute request and or getting supporting documents please contact us at 888-572-8020 and or fill out the form below.


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