Wells Fargo is one of the most challenging servicers to complete a Loan Modification with; if you have ever attempted to complete a Wells Fargo modification then you may agree.

Wells Fargo is one of the most nit picky servicers when it comes to analyzing all of the Borrowers financials and they can at times request supporting documents that most servicers do not. For Example While other servicers may accept just a rental agreement as proof of rental income Wells Fargo usually request a copy of the Lease or rental Agreement, Bank statements showing proof of rental income deposits, and or copy’s of Canceled checks from the tenants in order to complete a Wells Fargo Modification.

In 2015 Wells Fargo began to implement a new procedure that will require you to go through the Re-entry department if you have previously been considered for a Modification. The re-entry department will analyze your hardship and financial situation in order to determine if your account is eligible to be re considered for a Wells Fargo Modification.

If you have completed a Wells Fargo Modification review in the past and did not qualify Wells Fargo no longer has to consider your request if you re apply unless the re-entry department confirms you are eligible to be reconsidered for a Wells Fargo modification.

The re-entry Department requires a complete Modification package in order to review your eligibility, the re-entry department will ask for all of the same documents needed to be reviewed for a Wells Fargo Modification if you are eligible. The Re-entry department must confirm that there has been a change in circumstances since your previous Wells Fargo Loan Modification review.

According to Wells Fargo if there has not been a significant change in the borrower’s circumstances since the last time the account was considered for a Wells Fargo Modification Wells Fargo does not have to re consider the account for a Wells Fargo Modification. Per Wells Fargo this new procedure has been implemented to try and stop a borrower from applying for a Wells Fargo modification over and over again to try and tie up the account and avoid foreclosure.

This is surely a response to an increase in borrowers trying to tie up their accounts in a Wells Fargo Modification reviews for month’s even years so they can avoid foreclosure and live in their property for free.

Once the Re-entry Department has reviewed the complete Wells Fargo modification package and cleared the account to be considered for a Wells Fargo modification Wells Fargo will assign the account back to the Wells Fargo Relationship manager who will then review the package and confirm if any updated financials are needed before the file can go to underwriting.

With the huge volume of accounts Wells Fargo receives from the Re-entry department that have been deemed eligible for reconsideration its very common for it to take up to 2 to 3 weeks just for the Relationship manager to get the file and review it for completion. In order to stay ahead of the game and avoid additional delays in the already very lengthy review process you should send in Updated financials as they become available while the file is pending review from the relationship manager.

Wells Fargo is a very challenging servicer to work with however with the amount of contacts that we have at Wells Fargo and the amount of Volume of accounts that we work with Wells Fargo we can help you make the Wells Fargo Modification process a lot faster and easier even if the Wells Fargo Re entry department becomes a hurdle to get over.

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