As of recently Wells Fargo has stopped completing interior values for their Wells Fargo owned assets during a Wells Fargo Short Sale, therefor Wells Fargo Value dispute have been on a rise and issues/questions about this subject have become more common. Per Wells Fargo escalations Wells Fargo is no longer ordering interior values on their Short Sales unless they have a verifiable reason to absolutely need to complete their valuation and take into consideration the interior of the property and its living conditions. As Short Sales are sold as is its very common for Wells Fargo negotiators and processors to confuse this as a reason to not take into consideration damage and needed repairs however the value assessed for the home must take into consideration all details and factors that affect the properties marketability and appeal to prospective buyers.


Although Wells Fargo Short Sales are now hardly using Interior BPO or Appraisal Values for their Wells Fargo Owned Loans it is still possible to get the servicer to complete one. In many cases the parties involved in the Wells Fargo Short Sale can greatly benefit from the completion of an interior value. Specially if the interior of the Short sale property is in very bad condition.  According to Wells Fargo they will only order an interior value if there is significant interior damage and photos or repair bids have been provided to prove it.


Even if you can get an interior value ordered the values do not always come back accurate therefor it’s important to try and complete a Wells Fargo Value dispute. A Wells Fargo Value dispute can be difficult to complete so that it works out in your favor but following the instructions in this article can assist you in the Wells Fargo Value dispute and assure that you will be able to complete it as effectively as possible.


After years of Processing  Wells Fargo Short Sale Transactions this has been a  re-occurring challenge with Wells Fargo ( both the hesitation to complete an interior value and the value dispute ) that can SOMETIMES be very easy to overcome. I emphasize sometimes because with every transaction there are different determining factors that must be taken into consideration.


Great questions to Ask servicer to try and determine those factors are:


  • How delinquent is the Account?
  • Is the file in Foreclosure?
  • Can the servicer provide a Copy of the Value( More Investors and Mortgage Servicers now are open to releasing these values)?
  • What Comps were used to obtain this Value?
  • Is Investor Aware this is a Finance Offer (If Applicable) ?


When disputing a Value with any investor, but specifically Wells Fargo, the Quality of the Supporting documents will determine the outcome of the dispute.


Wells Fargo request comparables and a few color photos; however, to present this at its most persuasive and effective manner a party should submit a full dispute package containing:


  • Three sold comparables
  • Three active comparables
  • Contractor repair estimates with supporting photos of damage
  • A CMA or BPO supporting the original offer
  • A demand letter outlining the most persuasive supporting arguments


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